Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to life :-)

I've originally created this blog almost a year ago but have not been keeping up with it :-(
My sincerest apologies to my followers.

Today I have decided to revive my forgotten journal.
I've been posting on for a few months now as most of my Russian friends blog there. So I figured I'd create an English version of my journal here.

And since I've deleted all of my previous entries I'll start with an intro :-)

My name is Natasha. I live in New Hampshire with my husband, our son, and a bunch of cats :-)
I've always been interested in different kinds of crafts. But the ones that seem to last for me are knitting and bead weaving. I also do a little bit of tatting.
So I'd like to dedicate this blog to the mentioned above hobbies of mine.
And I hope you will find it interesting.

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