Friday, May 14, 2010


I guess, to catch up to my live journal, I'll just create one big post about my latest beaded creations.

I finished these two just few days ago. These are results of my education in Valentina Pomeschikova's school of bead weaving.

Open the post to read and see more...

I love bead kits. You get everything you need to complete a project and tons of enjoyment working on it.
I've purchased quite a few of such kits. And most of them are still waiting for me, but here are two bracelets that I made not very long time ago:

Kits were purchased from Beads East store
Few more necklaces made  from patterns learned in Valentina Pomeschikova's school:

And these ones are made from patterns that I receive once every 10 days in my emails (Elena Nazarchuk's subscription... unfortunately it's only in Russian... but if someone is interested here is a link: )

If you'd like to see more of my creations please visit My Album on Flickr

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